Windowsill Cactus specializes in cactus varieties as 4-season houseplants.

We are altering our website and plants & seeds will become available later in 2018.

Bare-root Plants

All plants are shipped Bare-root, and growing medium is sold separately. Growing medium is not currently available, but will be sold after our new growing medium becomes available in the summer of 2017. Live plants are shipped Priority Mail between the months of May and December.


Seeds may be purchased year round and are shipped First Class Mail in padded envelopes with the seed packages wrapped in bubble wrap.

Globular Cactus Growing Medium and Seed Starter

The new recipe we are developing for cactus growing medium has been inspired from what we’ve learned by growing Pediocactus simpsonii var. minor. Most cacti resume healthy growth shortly after being transplanted, but a few varieties like Pedios have a transplant recovery time that can take years. This new growing medium can stay with the plant from the germination of seeds through the entire lifetime of the plant. Seedlings started in this new medium can continue to grow into increasing flower pot sizes keeping the roots protected by the soil. This new recipe works both as a seed starting medium and a cactus growing medium mainly for globular cactus plants.

It is still my priority to produce a growing medium which eliminates the use of rare volcanic rock materials like obsidian and pumice. The demand for the these kinds of volcanic rock is very high compared to its availability in nature, and this leads to the destruction of rock formations which might have otherwise been set aside for future generations to witness their beauty. The rock types used in our growing medium recipe are much more common, and do not require the destruction of unique and rare volcanic formations.

Information on this Website

Plant information on this website may vary in its usefulness to people who grow cactus plants based on a persons experience and the climate where they live. The content of care for these plants will be most relevant to people who live in colder four season climate situations. Our hope is to contribute ideas which may be helpful to people interesting in growing cactus plants on windowsills, and a small number of species which survive outdoors in extreme cold. We are working with a few species of succulents which are not cacti, but our primary interest is in small globular species. Succulents and cactus plants are especially beautiful and intriguing for anyone who loves to keep house plants in their living spaces.


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