Bare-root conditions for shipping

Plants are shipped bare-root with most of the materials the plants have been growing in removed before they are boxed up and mailed. Some of the growing medium may still be present when the plants are shipped, because attempting to clean the roots too throughly may risk damaging the roots.

Please give them water after plants arrive and are in their new growing conditions or flower pots.

Plants can be potted and watered as soon as they arrive, because cactus and other succulent plants need water to establish themselves in new growing conditions. There are some theories about keeping cactus plants dry after they are potted in new growing medium for a week before they are given water. The notion is that this reduces the chances of fungal attacks if the roots have a dry resting period. Whether this is a sound theory or cactus dogma keeping them dry will stress the plants with more dehydration. Newly potted plants will establish themselves, and resume healthier growth if they are given water sooner rather than later.


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