Most of the cacti are still outdoors and most of them will be coming indoors for the winter soon. The weather has brought rain every other day and today we are getting soaked. This year the cacti will have the wettest soil ever when coming indoors. They should be fine, but with all the wet soil I do wonder if I might lose a few to rot. Hope not…. Every year these plants have fewer deaths from fungal infections when they are brought in for the winter.

The advantage to having the plants come in for the winter soaking wet from rain is that none of them will need any water for at least 4 months. Some of them will get no water at all for over 6 months, but the smaller ones will need a little water by April.

Another good thing is that rain water is acidic and this will contribute to the health of the plants.

Many of these cacti will be in windows while others will be under artificial lights. Over all I guess I’m happy with the excess rain.

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