Cactus Seedlings

This is the first truly hot day. The seed trays should not be germination till the end of May or after then. I still decided to spray water on the seed trays because it is warm enough to dry them out today. I suppose it will rain hard later tonight.

There were plenty of weed seeds germinating around the cactus plants this fall. Mostly prickly lettuce, and it seemed like there were thousands of them. While digging out the broadleaf seedlings I found lots cactus seedling too which was very exciting because I didn’t know they were growing there. I transplanted them to their own pots and they are ready to spend the winter in the cold frames. This is the first time I’ve tried transplanting cold hardy seedlings in the fall. They should survive well this way and begin to grow next spring, and if this works well I should try more fall transplanting. Before I was transplanting cold hardy cacti in the early spring, so we’ll see.

We have had rain every day in the month of June and July is still bring plenty of rain too. Some seedlings have died under these conditions and others are growing like mad. There are probably some species relationship to the ones that survive these conditions and by the end of this summer I imagine I’ll know which ones these are. The cold climate varieties in the Echinocereus, Escobaria and Pediocactus generics are all holding up very well and growing.

There has been rain almost every day for the past week. I think I picked a good time to plant cactus seeds in outdoor starting trays. They have stayed wet and the night and day temps. have been good too. Hopefully in a week or less there should be some germination.

Cactus seedlings that were planted last May in 2009 and started outdoors spent the winter indoors. These seedlings have been under artificial lights from November through March. They have actually grown a little over the past few months and look very healthy. They will go outdoors again when night time temps are in the 40s or higher. They will need to be under shade cloth when they are put back outdoors. It is very exciting to see most of them healthy and looking good.