High Park Fire Colorado

This is a photo is of an Echinocereus viridiflorus var. montanus with fire damage from the Colorado High Park Fire from 2012. This photo is my favorite of all the fire damage photos because the timing of the blooming and the fire leave the plant with charcoal flowers. Of course the plant is surviving and recovering very well from the fire and will likely make flowers again in years to come. This situation is very strange where a cactus has its flowers burned, and likely an extremely rare find in nature.

This plant looks like it was burned enough to be dead, but it is growing back in strange ways. It is impressive to see a plant this destroyed by fire and still growing back.

Here is an area where the fire burned very hot and the small Echinocereus plant suffered damage. This plant is coming back very well along with other plants.

This plant was burned hard enough to have the spines burned off and skin damage. The plant is growing back very well and it is impressive how cacti recover from fire.

This plant has suffered from fire hot enough the damage the spines and stems. The new growth coming out of the tops of the stems looks wider mostly because of the spines, which are burned off of the lower parts of the stems. It is great to see how well plants recover from fire damage.

Here is an Echinocereus in the path of creeping fire from the Colorado High Park Fire. The spines have been damaged by the flames on the lower part of the stem, but otherwise the plant looks to be a great survivor. The new growth is impressive.

Here is an Echinocereus viridiflorus with robust growth after the Colorado High Park Fire. The growth from this plant is impressive.

This photo is the show the burn area around the Echinocereus.

This plant is burned hard enough that it would appear to be dead right after the fire, but it is wild how the new growth is bursting out of the twisted dry stem only about a month after the fire.

This is a plant that survived the fire, in the path of creeping fire. It’s a great looking plant.