Cactus Growing Medium and Seed Starter 4.0

Cactus Metamorphosisenips Globular Growing Medium

This our 4.0 growing medium and is very different from all previous versions because it is designed as a seed starting medium.

In general cacti seeds will germinate in almost any growing medium as long as it is close to the conditions they require. The interesting properties of different growing mediums will be expressed in the survival rates of seedlings, and how well seedling live to become adult plants. Most of the information available on appropriate materials for growing cactus plants is targeting adult cacti, but Metamorphosisenips has been developed for seed starting with better seedling survival rates.

We have experimented with growing seeds and cacti in a wide range of ingredients from 2004 to present, but have worked to avoid using rare volcanic rock materials like obsidian and pumice. The lighter weight volcanic materials are increasingly in demand, and rare rock formations are often destroyed to make these materials available for horticulture use. The more common rock forms we are using include; clean sand, granite and quartzite while the small amounts of organic materials are derived from a renewable source. Fallen tree leaves are subjected to a 3 year fermentation process in combination with, and including the rock ingredients to produce the seed starting medium.

Our new 4.0 medium has been developed mostly from experimenting on Pediocactus simpsonii var. minor seeds and seedlings along with a wide range of cactus species. Our work on discovering what increases cactus seedling survival has been done by testing seeds in growing components, rather than adhering to what has been written about cactus growing materials in books and on the web. We have tested around 200 cactus species with Metamorphosisenips, and cacti are growing with better results than any of our previously growing mediums.


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