These links are provided to help find interesting information, identifications and insights on growing succulents and cactus plants.

The Cactus and Succulent Society : Please visit to learn more about their organization.

The Succulent Plant Page : A great resource of information on growing many kinds of succulent plants.

Mesa Garden : The best information on the conditions needed for the germination of cactus and succulent plants.

Cactus Mall : The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall is a complex of information, groups, greenhouses and many valuable resources.

The Amateurs' Digest : If you are tired of 'Cactus Dogma' and want to really know how to grow these plants from people who are growing them this is it.

Thelocactus Site : Many beautiful photos of Thelos and information dedicated to this genus of cacti.

Columnar Cacti Identifications : A great resource of information on columnar cactus plants. : A large source of information on Mammillaria with thousands and thousands of photos.

Kaktusy na parapecie : A list of cacti which were named to honor women.

Haworthia : A great resource of information on growing Haworthia plants.

Cactiguide : Lots of good photos with cactus names which can be very helpful, interesting and fun to look through.

Desert Tropicals : Learn more about succulent and cactus plants by looking around under the plant lists on this site.

Cactus Art Nursery : This photo gallery is a must see with many interesting and beautiful photos of cactus plants.

Stapeliads : Stapeliads "Hidden Treasures of the Desert" has lots of information and photos.

Lithops : Great resource of information on growing Lithops.

These links are well worth the look and include some of the most beautiful web sites on the internet.

Eyebalm : Our fine art also features Ann's silver and stone jewelry that goes so well with the cacti!

Ann-s-thesia : This is the graphic design source, and features Ann's graphics and information.

Dingbatcave : Ornamental dingbat font source, of Ann's original ornamental fonts and a few of Stan's too.

Biota Music : The graphics of this site were done by Ann and contains many interesting visuals too.


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