Echinocereus pentalophus ssp pentalophus

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Echinocereus pentalophus ssp pentalophus Plant


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Echinocereus pentalophus ssp pentalophus

4spine.gif Five-Spine Rating - 4?

Yes - small container size plant. This variety will occupy a small flower pot comfortably and remain a manageable sized house plant.

Yes - tolerates low light levels. This variety will do well as a houseplant in locations with short periods of direct sun and some indirect or filtered light.

Yes - does well with cool winter time temperatures. This variety will tolerate temperatures down below 50 °F. if the roots are kept dry, and will do very well in a home with energy saving thermostat setting.

Yes - easy care root system. This variety stores water in the parts of the plant which are above the soil leaving the root system small enough to fit into a proportionally sized flower pot.

This variety is unlikely to flower as a house plant and they should be chosen with flowering as a low priority.

good locations

Potential living space locations include; East, West or South windows and three to four season rooms with partial shade is good, but it will grow better with more light. This species will tolerate very cool days and cold nights, but will need the temperatures to remain above 20 °F. If this variety is to be set outdoors during the growing season it needs to be in a location with plenty of sun and will tolerate lots of rain.

These plants require a great deal of sun and to grow into a large plant size before they will produce flowers. The funnel shaped flowers may range from pink to magenta.


Most stems are only a few inches long, but they can grow to 16 inches long by 1 inches wide making multiple branches as it grows in prostrate form. This plant continues to sprawl as it grows and can expand to a pile of stems to about 3 feet wide. If this plant is kept in a limited container size the stems will begin to overhang the sides, so it can work in a hanging basket.



plant propagation origin

Plants are propagated from stem cuttings by

items included in purchase

Purchase price includes a bare-root Echinocereus pentalophus ssp pentalophus plant.

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