Propagated Epiphyllum Plants and Seeds

Epiphyllum plants live beneath the cover of rain forest trees in Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala. These cacti have adapted to grow among and on trees, so their trailing stems work very nicely in a hanging basket format. They acclimate themselves well to the low light conditions of house plant life, because their natural habitat is primarily in the shade of other plants. They can be treated like most broad leaf house plants and watered frequently like most tropical plants they like to be misted with water.

They are often known as epiphyte cacti which appear to have long leaves, but they are in fact leafless cacti. They produce long stems with two ribs giving each stem segment a flattened leaf like appearance. Most of these cactus plants have spines, but they are usually very small and hard to find on some species. The stems are brittle, and if stem segments break off they can be rooted into new plants. Stem segments will make roots either in a glass of water or moist potting soil. They are easy to clone from stem cuttings, but seeds for most species are hard to find.

With many epiphyte varieties spines have a glass like quality in that they cut into the skin easily and are brittle and break off too. Care needs to be taken when handling these plants to avoid the mistake of breaking of spines off in skin, and especially on plants where the spines are fine and hard to see.

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Epiphyllum guatemalense

Epiphyllum Photos:


Epiphyllum guatemalense seed pod with nectar


Epiphyllum guatemalense stems


Epiphyllum 'Curly White Night'


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