Propagated Euphorbia Plants

Euphorbia are often sold in greenhouses and can be mistaken to be cactus plants by their spiny appearance, but Euphorbia do not really have spines. Euphorbia sometimes have thorns, and some species of Euphorbia are basically smooth plants without any thorny projection. The Euphorbia species which appear spiny actually have thorns. On cacti, which are plants that have true spines these spines can be pulled off without any harm to the plant. If the thorns are pulled off on a Euphorbia the plant will suffer damage and bleed some sap.

If a Euphorbia is damaged, the plant bleeds a white latex sap that is toxic and can, in some cases, cause blistering on the skin. It is important to handle any Euphorbia sap with care and perhaps waterproof gloves are recommendable. Whatever happens, never get any Euphorbia sap in the eyes, and remove from skin as soon as possible. Many kinds of Euphorbia have harmless sap, but some can be dangerous and it is best to always use caution with these plants.

Most Euphorbia have very small flowers and these plants are often grown for the beauty of their stems.

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Euphorbia stellata

Euphorbia Photos:


Euphorbia hybrid


Euphorbia bubalina


Euphorbia milli flowers


Euphorbia bubalina flowers


Euphorbia obesa


Euphorbia horida


Euphorbia magenta flowers w leaves


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